Everyone Why the small fish did not take offense at it and nevertheless brought to it starfish?

On a place of a small fish you would begin to help a whale, and as if you it made?

To children cards with names different sea are distributed to Ob tatel.

Everyone has to on behalf of the sea inhabitant of races to tell, as well as than it will be helped by a starfish.

COURAGEOUS DOG Nichole Vernkhout Once upon a time there was one family.

In this family once the little puppy lodged.

To it there was only one month, also called it Mirkl.

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It is more

It is more it is more interesting to happy to be.

The happy can love all.

It gives happiness to all around, And near it always there is a friend.

Conversation Questions and tasks for conversation What in human life it is possible to call happiness?

As you think, whether depends on the person, he is happy or not?

Give examples from life when people became schastli vy thanks to the persistence, force to will, patience, sposobnos ti to love also to other qualities?

Ask the parents that for them is the biggest happiness?

Whether the happiness can disappear?

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We see this

We see this It turns out that we as teachers are the most important ability of the child feel the society the way it feels, not to divide between themselves and environment.

The child must feel that without a group he can't succeed it is only through communication with others, through consent and mutual support, when no one is alone, he can come to success.

We see this in school.

There are studies showing that classes with a friendly atmosphere, the level of student achievement more high.

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In total game

In total game about And That team at which to the end of the game will be wins it is more than points.

Myachirmgun Stock balls and counters.

Quantity players any, but the more, the better.

Street, and Yorobye igrypravit On the earth draw the starting line, and in m from it hundred vit counters at distance of m from each other.

In total game k share on teams and put columns on start howl to line.

At each team has to be on a ball.

The first participants in columns begin game.

They have to clamp a ball between feet and so jump to counters, everyone to the.

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How would

How would That is, invite the person all the time look at yourself as if from outside.

And this adhere to the co temporary psychological theories, such as the approach based on the work with life's situations, to tell about them and look at all this with hundred the Rhone, and not to live with it within yourself.

How would all the time to put these facts on the table and see what we done.

To remove the video and discuss together.

But when you said that You are the child to explain, I have a question What happens with authority?

How do You do this in the group, if Ho Titus to be a friend of the child?

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We have

We have This, in our opinion, will allow children to be less concerned about their inclinations and release energy for other interests.

Human development from to p podrostkovye period M s continue our journey through all the stages of child development.

Today we will touch upon a very important period aged years, called early adolescence.

We have already talked about this stage and the development of sexuality, which occurs at this age.

But there is several aspects that we would like to discuss.

In our last conversation we talked about the beginning of sexual development and about the internal tension that develops in children.

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, . Art therapy

, . Art therapy, .

Art therapy one of effective approaches to implementation of psychological assistance to hyperactive children, as it increases adaptation abilities of the child to everyday life at school, reduces exhaustion, liquidates negative emotional states and their manifestations, connected with training, relies on the healthy potential of the personality, internal mechanisms selfcontrol, develops feeling of internal control, helps to build the relations with the child on the basis of love and mutual attachment, compensating their possible absence in the parental house of Lebedev L.

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